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Saracen Peackock Panel Mural
3'-0" x 5'-2 to frame sides

Marrowstone Pottery is nestled in the woods on beautiful Marrowstone Island.  Established in 2003 by George and Helena Tsitsas the pottery now specializes in ceramic stovetop cookware better known as "Flameware" in the pottery community.  Our ceramic cookware trademark name is called, Furnoware ®.  All of our Furoware pottery is handmade at our studio and comes with a "Guarantee" to be free of material defects and not to break under normal stove top and oven temperature use.

"Furnoware" is a registered trademark name of Marrowstone Pottery.  "Furnoware by Tsitsas" is a new and improved line of ceramic cookware produced only at Marrowstone Pottery and sold exclusively by Hestia Productions, LLC.  Our ceramic cookware can go straight from the freezer into a hot oven or onto the stove top burner without any worries of breakage.  Our ceramic cookware has been scientifically designed and tested to withstand extreme thermal shock conditions and is the only Flameware Pottery sold on the market today that has published its proven test results in the May 2011 issue, (volume 32), of Ceramics Technical Journal.  You can read the published version of the article by clicking on the following link:   A Discussion of Flameware.  And also visit our new Blog for a technical discussion entitled "Flameware Pottery - The New Arcanum".

Our Furnoware Clay Body is vitified and "non-porous".  Other ceramic cookware on the market today that is not "non-porous", whether glazed or unglazed, will absorb food liquids and odors that cannot be removed and can harbor bacteria.

Our Sales Gallery is located next to the studio and displays all of our handmade ceramics and tile murals.  This website may not display all of the work that is available for sale.  Our Studio and Gallery are open for touring and sales most days of the week but it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure that we are in.

Classes in Pottery on the Wheel and Hand Building are also available for all skill levels.  For further information please call the number below or send us an email.

Also, take a look at all of our videos on Youtube and check out our new Facebook page for Marrowstone Pottery and "like" us.


Ceramic Cookware / Ceramic Stovetop Cookware

Our Ceramic Cookware / Ceramic Stovetop Cookware incorporates the beauty of high fired pottery design with a scientifically formulated low thermal expansion flame resistant clay body and durable craze resistant glaze that have been scientifically matched for stove top and oven cooking.   No other type of pottery to my knowledge can make that claim.   Our Ceramic Cookware / Ceramic Stovetop Cookware have been designed for the cooking connoisseur who understands the importance of preserving the flavors of the ingredients through the use of high fire flameware pottery that also enhances the appearance of the prepared dish for serving directly to the table.  Each piece is hand crafted and thus contains its own special characteristics.

Handmade Ceramics / Stoneware Pottery

Our Handmade Ceramics / Stoneware Pottery have been created for the discriminating client in search of a unique and artistically designed item for that special location within their environment that will capture the visual focus and enhance the spatial appearance.  Each piece has been custom designed and hand crafted using the potters wheel and hand building techniques and is "one of a kind."

Tile Murals / Tile Art

All of our Tile Murals / Tile Art are hand crafted by Helena at our Marrowstone Pottery Studio.   Inspiration for her work comes from her experiences living in the American Southwest and her travels to Greece, Italy and the Middle East. Commissions for custom installations are always welcome.  Helena can be contacted at the number below or at marrowstonepots@gmail.com.

Washington State Residents add 9% Sales Tax


Art Port Townsend 2015 is where you can see some of the featured work of Marrowstone Pottery under the name of George Chechopoulos who participates in the annual Port Townsend Artist Studio Tour.  This event occurs in late August of each year.  You will also find directions to our Studio and Gallery on this site page.

Ceramics Art and Perception | Technical:  Established in 1990 by Janet Mansfield in Sydney, Australia, Ceramics: Art and Perception aims to set the international standard as a high quality magazine dedicated to ceramic art.  With a total of 120 pages, it contains approximately 23 substantial articles and regular features on a broad range of ceramics related subjects with excellent colour photographs throughout.  More than 12,000 copies are distributed worldwide each quarter.

In 1995, a companion magazine, Ceramics TECHNICAL was launched.  This magazine focuses on technical issues in the field of ceramic art including research, culture and strategy.

The Northwind Arts Alliance (NAA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the arts in our region.


Home Ceramic Cookware / Ceramic Stovetop Cookware Handmade Ceramics / Stoneware Pottery Tile Murals / Tile Art Purchasing

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